Training in and implementation of reading strategies in world language classrooms at Bogan College Preparatory High School in Chicago, Illinois





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Reading occupies a focal point in our education. For years researchers and teachers have looked at reading as a catalyst for incidental learning--learning without consciously trying to learn. This thesis explores research that analyzes reading as a part of first language (L1) acquisition and how reading can be used in second language (L2) acquisition. This thesis analyzes research and data that outlines the usefulness reading at a teaching tool in L2 classroom. Further, this thesis presents information on how reading is being employed at Bogan College Preparatory High School (BCP) in Chicago, IL. This thesis focuses is on how members of the World Language Department at BPC have been educated in reading strategies, how they are supported in their use of reading strategies, what resources they have access to and the effectiveness they find these resources have in aiding their students through the L2 acquisition process.

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