Using student centered research questions to affect managing impulsivity, striving for accuracy, and persisting





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This qualitative study was designed to discover how student centered research questions support their independent work habits in Project-Based Learning activities. The three work habits investigated for this study are managing impulsivity, striving for accuracy, and persistence. The terms and characteristics of the habits are defined by Arthur Costa's and Benna Kallick's Habits of Mind (2000). Third grade students who were studying the Periodic Table of Elements and the pH Scale were observed during three stages of a summative assessment project. The stages include an exploration period, a research period, and an artifact construction period. Between the exploration period and the research period, the student crafted research questions were revised using a format for researchable questions based on research by Arthur Costa. Data used for the qualitative study was gathered through observation, evaluation of student artifacts, and evaluation of student research questions. The study concludes significant questions can improve student work habits and teacher instruction. However, the research questions created some obstacles to the third grade students participating in the study.

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