Exploring understanding by design for planning a chemistry unit in a public classical school





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The research question assessed how effective Understanding by Design (UbD) (Wiggins & McTighe, 2005) would be in supporting the creation of a chemistry unit that meets the goals of a systematic science curriculum for use in a classical charter school. The study evaluates the usage of UbD in revising a single chemistry unit for seventh grade students to include more history of science content. The unit was evaluated by the author and two other reviewers who were science teachers. Increasing the history of science content was done to provide additional opportunities for discussing virtue in the science classroom. This goal was formed in response to the modern classical education movement. The author concluded that UbD was useful in improving the unit design to include more history of science. However, it was limited by relying on too many different sources beyond the textbook for the increased history of science content.

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