A curriculum design implementing WICOR strategies in the eighth grade English classroom


Fall 12-15-2014



Degree Name


Primary Advisor/Dissertation Chair

Karen Moroz

Secondary Advisor/Reader One

Teri Ann Flatland

Peer-Reviewer/Reader Two

Greg Friefall


In a time of high academic standards and accountability, schools are faced with the challenge of educating students with individual learning needs. The Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program was developed to support and assist high school and middle school students who have been previously underserved in the public education system. Students involved in the AVID program are given opportunities to learn about and utilize the researchbased Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading (WICOR) strategies in the classroom to help prepare them for college. This research project focused on implementing WICOR strategies in an eighth grade English classroom as a way of exposing all students, not just those in AVID, to these rigorous strategies. The research question explored in this capstone was “How can the WICOR strategies of AVID be implemented in an eighth grade English classroom?”


Curriculum, Reading, Teachers/ Teaching, Writing

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