How can constructivist philosophy support teaching of social studies at the middle and high school level?





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The research questions addressed in this project are, what strategies fit constructivism and how can these strategies be incorporated into social studies' lessons. Experts in constructivism and other classroom teachers are key influences as they share knowledge about constructivism and strategies that fit the constructivist philosophy that can also be incorporated into lessons. The author cites the key components of constructivism and offers a number of strategies such as inquiry learning, cooperative learning, issues-centered learning, use of primary sources, critical thinking, and differentiated instruction that adhere to the principles of constructivism. The culmination of the research are lessons that the experts and author provide that integrate the strategies that fit the constructivist philosophy. Evaluations of the lessons' effectiveness are stated along with recommendations on how to incorporate strategies into the classroom so students can become active learners who are able to construct knowledge utilizing their prior knowledge and experiences.

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