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A boy friendly reading curriculum: research-based teaching and learning strategies to support fourth grade boys in a reader's workshop setting





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The research question addressed in this project was, what research-based teaching and learning strategies will support fourth grade boys in a Reader's Workshop setting? The capstone documents the creation of a boy friendly Fantasy genre unit. The author used related research regarding boys as learners and readers, and regarding effective instruction for boys, to validate the curriculum. Key influences were Michael Smith and Jeffrey Wilhelm, who researched and designed a reading curriculum for middle school boys. The author has concluded the most effective way to teach reading to boys is to: (1) sequence lessons to move from simple to complex concepts (2) share assessment criteria with students upfront (3) model through read-alouds and think-alouds (4) stock libraries with many text structures (including magazines and comic books) (5) allow boys to choose reading materials (6) provide social interactions around books and (7) integrate the arts, technology, and competition into the curriculum.

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