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Best practices in teaching guided reading in a Spanish immersion setting





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The capstone curriculum created by the author is a Guided Reading Resource Guide for 1st and 2nd grade Spanish Immersion Teachers. Key influences in the research and curriculum creation were Fountas & Pinnell, Whelan Ariza, Nessel & Graham, and Echevarria, Vogt, & Short. Research and the curriculum will be presented through a variety of best practice staff development opportunities. The guide created aligns best practices in immersion teaching, second language acquisition, and Guided reading to provide teachers with language cues, teaching strategies, and thinking maps to best teach the five aspects of literacy through a balanced guided reading approach. Further recommendations include assessment comparisons of Spanish immersion students who are learning to read through the use of guided reading versus traditional basal readers, as well as a comparison of the confidence teachers have in their students' reading abilities and higher-order thinking skills after implementing the strategies presented in the guide.

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