The history of teaching the future: the future of teaching history





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The research question addressed is, how can a research-supported curriculum that uses SF in the classroom help students engage more fully in learning social studies? The project documents one teacher's personal and pedagogical interest in science fiction as a political educator. She creates an 11th grade U.S. History unit designed to include science fiction films, graphic novels, and short stories to investigate the way science fiction disguises contemporary issues and dilemmas as fantasy. The unit is hands-on and interactive, including peer-to-peer blogging, the creation of a Newscast in the Year 2038 using a student-generated assessment tool, and analyzes connections between historical and current events, and science fiction stories and film clips. Major contributions in researching SF were from Ongel-Erdal, S., Suvin, D., Elkins, C., Daspit, T., Lipshutz, R., and Tymn, M. Major influences on curriculum and instructional design were from Wormeli, R., Wiggins G., McTighe, J., Tomlinson, C.A., Zemelman, S., Hyde, D., Daniels, H., and Bizar, M.

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