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List-group-label as a reading comprehension strategy to help students see that there may be more than one way to look at the world





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The research question addressed in this project is: Does the List-Group-Label strategy improve students' social studies nonfiction comprehension at the word-level? This strategy was chosen because it enables children to share their prior knowledge about a topic with others through cooperative group work. The National Urban Alliance, which works with the researcher's district, suggests List-Group-Label as a strategy to help all students become successful readers. Through a mixed-methodology case study using a pre-experimental design, the researcher determined the List-Group-Label strategy is effective in increasing fourth grade students' comprehension at the word-level. The List-Group-Label strategy is particularly effective for females and low and middle achieving students. The researcher gathered metacognitive information from students through response journals and created a descriptive narrative of the students' responses which explored students' use of the List-Group-Label strategy.

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