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How do staff in a charter school view site-based management, including shared administrative duties, as a management system?





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Site-based management develops staff ownership and camaraderie in a school, and improves its culture by including staff, students, parents, and community members in the decision-making process. Lakeside High School (LHS), a young charter school, has employed site-based management as its system for decision-making. The goal of this paper was to determine LHS staff opinion of the effectiveness of the site-based management system in place and develop recommendations for improvement. Odden and Wohlstetter's (1995) framework of six successful characteristics of site-based management was used as a basis for a self-administered LHS staff member questionnaire. LHS staff found only one of the six characteristics, 'Have a Vision,' was successful. The other characteristics, 'Disperse Power,' 'Stress Professional Development,' 'Disseminate Information.' 'Select the Right Principal,' and 'Reward Accomplishment,' all received scores placing them in the unsuccessful category. Specific recommendations were made to improve these characteristics of LHS's system of site-based management.

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