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The songwriting workshop in the K-2 classroom





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The author researches the benefits and challenges of implementing a songwriting workshop in a K-2 classroom, so as to use the results to refine the process for future application. The project developed out of the author's desire to learn more about music and song in the classroom especially as it relates to early literacy learning, and his interest in creating an engaging, inclusive curriculum. Key influences include peers and their uses of music in the classroom, students, and authors such as Barclay, Fisher, Jalongo, Langfit, Smith, Weinberger, Samuels, etc. For data collection, this qualitative study uses pre- and post-process questionnaires and interviews, transcribed recordings of several songwriting sessions, and a double-entry journal. The forty-five primary students wrote four new songs, and the data suggests that the songwriting workshop allows many opportunities for teaching and learning literacy concepts and other academic content, as well as building community and creating a high level of student engagement.

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