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Causes of low involvement of Latino parents in their children's school life at South Valley Community School, and strategies to increase that participation





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Parental involvement is one of the key elements in order to have successful academic children. Latino students are not achieving success at the same level of other students within the American School system. Low or lack of participation of Latino parents in their children's education has been pointed out as one of the reasons for this poor academic performance. This study was intended to discover the real causes for the low participation of Latino Parents in their children's education, and then based on those causes to elaborate strategies to increase the participation of Latino parents. The study was developed in South Valley Community School, which is located in a large midwestern school district. Two focus groups, one in Spanish with Latino parents, one in English with school staff; plus one interview with the school principal and one representative from the district were the tools used to obtain the data that was analyzed in this research. Effective communication, developing relationships between parents and school, and racism were among the causes discussed in this study. Cultural competency workshops and media campaigns were two of the strategies recommended in order increasing the participation of Latino parents in their children's education to be successful in education.

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