A dual immersion program in Minnesota





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The purpose of this study was to answer the research question: How do parents of a K-6 dual immersion program describe the quality indicators of the K-6 dual immersion educational program (DIEP) that their children attend? The secondary question was: How do stakeholders descriptors of the quality indicator(s) of DIEP compare with each other? The participants in this qualitative study were current teachers of the DIEP, parents of students who attended the DIEP at the time of the interview, two principals of Dual Immersion programs, who work or had worked for the DIEP, and two parents of students who attended the DIEP before the time of the interview. The process of data collection included surveys, individual interviews, ethnographic observations and analysis of the records of the interviews. The analysis of the data showed coincidences between what the participants believed to be good quality indicators of their DIEP and what some scholars identified to be present in good quality DIEPs. However, the interviewees data also selected some indicators that were not included by the selected scholars and may be applicable to any DIEP, especially the DIEP used as the basis of this research.

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