How leaders in the helping/service professions describe their servant leadership in terms of wisdom and humility





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This study developed personally and professionally as I grew in my personal faith, transitioned from teaching to educational administration, and as I observed and interacted with leaders in education, medicine, and theology. Wisdom and humility are at the core of servant leadership, along with honor, respect, and kindness. The study used a mixed method approach with a focus on qualitative and quantitative research. Seven education, medicine, and theology professionals participated in personal interviews. Twelve interview questions revolved around servant leadership and the character attributes of wisdom and humility. Approximately ninety leaders in education were surveyed about servant leadership. The interview questions were completed first, in order to build the survey questions. Findings from both research methods showed that the leaders who participated in the research of servant leadership, do indeed try their best to carry themselves with wisdom and humility while leading a working community of people. This information should be helpful to those individuals in leadership positions who seek to improve their decision making skills while applying wisdom and humility. Lastly, the hopeful outcome is to build positive morale and rapport amongst staff on a consistent basis. This approach will build healthy, trusting, and respectful relationships with colleagues of all working classes.

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