Educational leadership and The art of war





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Educational leadership can be defined many different ways. So too are the individual educational leaders and the experiences they live. A wealth of scholarly discussion exists about leadership theory, yet there is a current gap in the scholarship: a lack of focus on a single educational leader and how that individual developed as a leader. No studies of a single educator-leader or stories of leadership development, interpreted through a theory outside the realm of education, currently exist. In this study, The Art of War was used as scholarly integration of cross-disciplinary studies to create a new working meaning of educational leadership. Data was gathered through the use of portraiture as a methodology to answer the question: How is The Art of War manifested in the leadership of a former school superintendent? The results encompassed a cross-disciplinary agreement between the experience of the sole respondent as an educational leader and The Art of War. Both provided a necessity to create a shared vision and mission, agreed results were accomplished by setting high standards, reflection was key to the success of a leader, modeling and living the mission promoted purpose, and empowering and developing others as leaders was vital to the future success of an organization.

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