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The power of story: co-creating a community of learners through reflective practice





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Story connects us. Story provides a means for reflection. Story prompts us to move forward. For many centuries the practice of reflection and mindfulness has been used as a way to make meaning of our lives. Working together in community, being servant leaders , and leading for the good of the whole, we use story, reflection, and co-creative leadership practices to help us create a self-organizing community of learners. Through personal story, All Around the Neighborhood, on St. Paul, Minnesota's West Side supports a culture of learning, collaboration, and reflective practice while providing informal learning opportunities for both youth and adults by applying the concept that everyone is a teacher and everyone is a learner. The significance of this research is to document the successful work of All Around the Neighborhood in co-creating a community of learners through the practice of reflection. Using servant leadership as a model to support co-creative learning, the neighborhood invites youth and adults to lead from their strengths to provide learning opportunities for all by sharing their personal stories and experiences.

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