College students with cognitive disabilities: understanding their reasons for remaining enrolled by capturing their personal stories





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This research study was a qualitative study using both survey and one-on-one interviews. There were four participants from the postsecondary education level, all of whom had documented and manifesting cognitive disabilities. The goal of the study was to determine how each participant described their reasons for remaining enrolled at the postsecondary level, retention versus attrition. However, the descriptions were captured through the use of story and the results were presented through that same medium. While this study utilized the use of story, representation from the statistical side of the retention issue is provided in this dissertation as well, through the use of currently existing literature and research publications. Comparisons are made between the findings of this study and those of the existing research. Also, attention is given to the similarities or differences in responses from each participant, as each participant's diagnostic profile differed from one another.

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