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Writing is a difficult task in any language. It is a process that requires time, thought, revision, and self-reflection. Given the current use of high-stakes, timed testing to determine students' language proficiency, and their educational future, there is a need to understand how students can produce their best writing under these conditions (Pappamihiel, Nishmata, & Miahi, 2008). This study investigates the role of the native language during the second language writing process under timed conditions. Its aim is to learn more about how ELs may use their first language (L1) while writing in their second language (L2) under timed conditions. This study also looks at students' thoughts and opinions about L1 use while writing in the L2. Hopefully, this study will provide insights into the use of the L1 and L2 under timed writing conditions, which may inform teachers and writers about the best method for writing timed compositions.