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In this study, the author, an ESL-licensed teacher teaching in South Korea, examines the goals of the Korean elementary English as a Foreign Language program and evaluates a textbook plus surveys Korean English Teachers to compare the methods of their tasks to the goals of the national program regarding Communicative Language Teaching as set out by the Ministry of Education (MOE). Specific questions addressed are Does the 2012 Deh Gyo Grade 6 textbook provide teachers with Communicative Language Teaching or Audio-Lingual tasks at the syllabus level and at the task level? How do the current Korean English Teachers use the textbook? How often do they adapt the activities, and how familiar are they with Communicative Language Teaching techniques? The Communicative Language Teaching textbook evaluation checklist was inspired by the works of Rod Ellis, Dawn Garinger, David Nunan, Leslie Sheldon, Alexandra Skierso, and David Williams.