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Gardner's (1993) Multiple Intelligence framework guided this case study, which explores the value of multiple approaches to reflection. As the teacher-researcher I focused on teacher reflective practice using three of Gardner's intelligences 1) Visual, 2) Interpersonal, and 3) Linguistic as formats for my response to teaching four adult ESL classes in East Central, MN. I used water color painting as my first sign system for reflection and created 12 visual images. Then I obtained feedback on the images from members of my community of practice. Finally I wrote four reflections about the experience. My findings show that 1) new information and revelations surfaced at each stage, 2) the more forms used to delve for information, the richer the outcome, and 3) teachers are also learners who will benefit from differentiation. This study makes a case for multiple ways of knowing citing literature that supports using the arts as an integral part of learning.