Jeremy Rupp


Spring 2024



Degree Name


Primary Advisor/Dissertation Chair

Trish Harvey


This research paper explores the potential impact of introducing a Justice & Equity Credential and an Achievement and Integration (A&I) License on educational equity in Minnesota. Drawing on a comprehensive literature review and original empirical data collected through surveys and interviews, the study investigates the efficacy of credentialing and licensing frameworks in addressing systemic disparities in educational systems pointed at both students and practitioners of A&I. The findings underscore the critical need for targeted interventions to promote equity in A&I programming, highlighting the role of professional development, cultural responsiveness, and accountability in supporting staff retention and fostering equitable outcomes for all students. Through a grounded theory approach, the research identifies key themes and patterns emerging from the data, providing valuable insights into the challenges facing A&I efforts and the potential benefits of credentialing and licensing initiatives. The study also situates its findings within the broader context of educational equity in Minnesota, drawing on the work of scholars such as Darling-Hammond and Muhammad to underscore the transformative potential of credentialing and licensing frameworks in addressing the achievement and opportunity gap (AOG). Ultimately, the research contributes to ongoing discussions around the importance of systemic change in promoting educational equity, advocating for the implementation of credentialing and licensing initiatives as part of broader efforts to foster student success and ensure equitable access to educational opportunities for all students. By synthesizing theoretical insights with empirical evidence, this paper offers an understanding of the role of credentialing and licensing initiatives in enhancing educational equity in Minnesota and provides actionable recommendations for policymakers, educators, and stakeholders invested in promoting equitable outcomes for all students.


Achievement, At-risk Students, ESL/ ELLs, Grades/ Student Performance, Leadership, Learning Styles, Motivation, Multicultural Education, Social Justice, Staff Development, Teachers/ Teaching








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