Fall 2023



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Primary Advisor/Dissertation Chair

Julia Reimer

Secondary Advisor/Reader One

Emily Steenbergh

Peer-Reviewer/Reader Two

Melissa Harper


The research questions addressed in this study were: In a second grade special education inclusion classroom, how do the students experience two co-teaching models: station teaching and alternative teaching? Subquestion 1: How does students’ performance on ELA assessments vary depending on the co-teaching model? Subquestion 2: How does student involvement, enjoyment, and perceived sense of understanding compare after each co-teaching model? Subquestion 3: Do the ELA assessment scores and student attitudes correlate positively? The review of the literature included benefits and drawbacks of special education inclusion classrooms, the six co-teaching models, and the second grade Common Core English Language Arts standards. The study intervention consisted of 12 second grade participants, three with special needs, spending a week experiencing two co-teaching models: station teaching and alternative teaching. To accomplish this the Special Education co-teacher and I collaborated to teach the McGraw Hill Wonders curriculum using both co-teaching models. A mixed method approach was used to collect data. After a week of each model, participants were then tested on spelling words, vocabulary definitions, and text comprehension. Additionally participants also filled out a Google survey asking about their perceived sense of involvement, enjoyment, and understanding of the lesson. Data concluded that participants yielded higher test scores using the station co-teaching model. Participants felt more involved during station teaching and enjoyed station teaching over alternative teaching. However, participants felt they had a better understanding of what was being taught during alternative teaching. Overall, test scores and attitudes do correlate positively. Recommendations for future research, limitations, and implications are also discussed.








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