Capstone/Dissertation Title

Networking Matters: Exploring the Developmental Networks of Healthcare Managers and the Relationship to Job Competency Development


Spring 2023



Degree Name


Primary Advisor/Dissertation Chair

Dr. Linnette Werner


Given the complexity and challenges faced by healthcare organizations today, the role of a healthcare manager is an important one. Therefore, it is imperative that managers develop competencies to contribute to the sustainability and success of the healthcare organizations where they work. The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between having a developmental network and the development of healthcare competencies for individuals working in healthcare management roles. This study involved examining the developmental network characteristics of healthcare managers, including their network size, quality, density and range and self-reported job competencies. To understand this relationship, a cross-sectional survey was conducted at a multi-site, multi-region academic medical center of individuals working in healthcare manager roles. The results did not show a relationship between developmental network characteristics and self-reported job competencies for the healthcare managers surveyed. However, the data generated on the developmental networks of healthcare managers showed that healthcare managers have large networks and receive a high amount of developmental support from their network. Additionally, their networks were moderately dense and were of low range. The results are examined and connections are made to the existing literature. The findings and implications for professional practice are discussed and recommendations for future research are explored.








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