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The purpose of this study is to discover how metacognitive reading strategy instruction can be used to improve comprehension of academic texts for college-level bidialectal students. Five adult participants each took part in a pre- and post-testing of reading skills, a series of metacognitive reading strategy lessons, and the completion of guided reading journals throughout the study. Participants also self-rated their reading strategy use using Mokhtari and Sheorey's (2002) Survey of Reading Strategies (SORS), both before and after the targeted strategy instruction. Skills testing indicated that 60 percent of participants improved their reading comprehension following direct instruction. All participants experienced a strong increase in their own perceived reading strategy use over the course of the study. Positive outcomes were also experienced in terms of self-reported changes in reading behavior. Implications for instructors who are working with students at both the higher education level and in transition-to-college programs are discussed.