Summer 2018



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Primary Advisor/Dissertation Chair

Bill Lindquist

Secondary Advisor/Reader One

Erin Schmidt

Peer-Reviewer/Reader Two

Shana Hoglund


The research question addressed in this capstone and subsequent case study were: Do school uniform requirements have an effect on overall student academic performance at one area charter school? In order to gain insight into the complex topic of uniforms, a literature review was conducted. Topics explored included worldwide perspectives on school uniforms, school uniforms in American public schools, the various reasons for and against uniform implementation, and the factors that comprise academic achievement. Upon completing a literature review, a case study was conducted at an area K-8 charter school. The author used a mainly qualitative approach to the case study, by interviewing key stakeholders at the charter school and surveying staff and students in various grade levels. All interview and survey questions were developed to better understand individuals’ opinions towards uniforms in general and in relation to academic success. Additional quantitative measures were taken to analyze data related to uniform infractions and official handbook guidelines on uniforms. Results of the case study revealed that the uniform debate is all encompassing, affecting all individuals within the school community, and entirely subjective in nature. Ultimately, the research question was inconclusive. However, as seen in academic literature and through the author’s own case study, proponents believe that uniforms create community, which, in turn, eliminates negative behaviors and allows for students to focus on academic performance.

Research Methodology

Case Study


Charter Schools, Community Building, Grades/ Student Performance, Uniforms

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