Spring 2018



Degree Name


Primary Advisor/Dissertation Chair

Ann Mabbott

Secondary Advisor/Reader One

Kristina Robertson

Peer-Reviewer/Reader Two

Laura Sepannen and Sarah O’Rourke


This research investigates the effectiveness of a teacher created ESL teacher observation tool. This paper argues that although commonly used tools such as the Charlotte Danielson Framework (2013) exist, they do not fully meet the needs of ESL teachers. A mixed methods study was conducted in order to compare the Charlotte Danielson (2013) rubric to the ESL Teacher Observation Tool in terms of language related feedback. Principals from a Midwestern school district conducted evaluations based on a video clip using both tools, and subsequently, principals were interviewed. The ESL Teacher Observation Tool appeared to yield more language-instruction related feedback in quality and quantity. These results also indicate that further refinement is needed to align the ESL Teacher Observation Tool to Charlotte Danielson

Research Methodology

Case Study


ESL/ ELLs, Leadership, Staff Development, Teachers/ Teaching

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