Spring 2017



Degree Name


Primary Advisor/Dissertation Chair

James Brickwedde, Ph.D.

Secondary Advisor/Reader One

Margaret Williams

Peer-Reviewer/Reader Two

Elisabeth Carlson Williams


The core goal of this study was to answer the question, How do daily math talks impact student achievement in kindergarten? Math talks were implemented daily in a Title I kindergarten classroom over a period of six weeks. The findings suggest that the use of math talks as an integral part of instruction positively impact student achievement. The average growth in the experimental group was an increase of 42% in the composite scores by the end of the study, compared to a 31% increase in the control group. The experimental group in this study started as a more emergent group than the control group, yet showed accelerated growth at a higher rate than their counterparts in classrooms without daily math talks as well as the other kindergarten classrooms across the school district regardless of socio-economic variances.

Research Methodology

Action Research


Achievement, At-risk Students, Grades/ Student Performance, Mathematics

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Education Commons