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This study examines how targeted adaptations to Reader's Workshop can help newcomers in the intermediate elementary grades to participate fully in developing their skills in literacy. It illustrates how teachers can adapt instruction to support ELLs as they navigate through guided reading, independent reading, and word work. With a focus on integrating word work strategies to scaffold guided and independent reading, ELLs can achieve accelerated gains in reading. Key influences include educators, former and current students, professional development in Reader's Workshop, and authors such as Fountas and Pinnell (2006) and Goldenberg (2008). The descriptive research method documented a situation whereby best practices in literacy instruction were not meeting the specific needs of newcomers. Findings conclude that 1) language learners need more specific instruction, 2) instruction should be delivered at a different pace, 3) skills need to be deconstructed, and 4) adapting Reader's Workshop to meet the needs of new language learners works.