Spring 2017



Degree Name


Primary Advisor/Dissertation Chair

Dr. Jason E. Miller

Secondary Advisor/Reader One

Kristen Anderson

Peer-Reviewer/Reader Two

Megan Schoaf


This research question purpose was to see how the impact of guided reading can positively improve second grade reading comprehension, fluency and word recognition. Various researchers, such as Jennifer Berne and Sophie C. Degener who have contributed to guided reading research are studied in this capstone. Guided reading is a pivotal element in a child’s journey in the reading process. It explores the specific teacher practices that are necessary to a beneficial guided reading experience. The author used quantitative method of study using district reading assessment and more specifically assessing comprehension, fluency and word recognition. As well as, studying the progress of student below, at or above grade level in reading. This study found that effective teacher practices during guided reading had a positive impact on almost all students in reading comprehension, fluency and word recognition.

Research Methodology

Action Research, Observation


Grades/ Student Performance, Literacy, Reading

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Education Commons