Fall 12-14-2016



Degree Name


Primary Advisor/Dissertation Chair

William D. Keilty

Secondary Advisor/Reader One

Jake Carolan

Peer-Reviewer/Reader Two

Rachel Dotson Stokes


The research question explored in this capstone was, how might I aid schools and districts in implementing district-wide systematic phonics intervention, both instructionally and organizationally? It documents Denver Public Schools (DPS) efforts to implement the READ act, a comprehensive law in which all students are evaluated in reading and assigned intervention if needed. The capstone explores how DPS can implement tiered systematic phonics intervention as part of the READ act. The paper reviews the most current peer reviewed research regarding the efficacy of phonics intervention. Using the methodology of a descriptive study, the capstone lays out a detailed logistical proposal of how students can be assessed and assigned tiered levels of intervention. The capstone then details research-based instructional practices, assessment tools, and lesson plan resources for implementing effective phonics intervention.

Research Methodology

Curriculum Development, Descriptive Statistics, Program Evaluation


At-risk Students, Curriculum, Reading, Special Education

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Education Commons