Fall 11-29-2016



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Primary Advisor/Dissertation Chair

William D. Keilty

Secondary Advisor/Reader One

Lauren Haberly

Peer-Reviewer/Reader Two

Rebecca Iverson Nixon


This Capstone is a collection of visual art lessons for elementary students aged kindergarten through 5th grade. These lessons explore the question, In what ways can experiential learning methods increase joy and motivation in art education? This curriculum provides students the opportunity to explore the human experience through art with joy. By utilizing experiential techniques, these lessons focus on increasing motivation and joy in students. The curriculum is supported by research which draws on theories in art education, motivation, and experiential learning, along with brain­based research on the correlation between happiness and success. Additional ideas explored include the connections between happiness and alertness, curiosity, motivation, and creativity. In order to increase student well­being and joy, these lessons focus on techniques which foster happiness such as positive environments, meaningful work, social experiences, and constructive play. By placing joy as a goal in learning, this Capstone seeks to establish a lifelong love of the arts.

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Curriculum Development


Art Education, Curriculum, Motivation

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