Fall 9-11-2016



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Primary Advisor/Dissertation Chair

Jason Miller

Secondary Advisor/Reader One

Alison Scofield

Peer-Reviewer/Reader Two

Melissa Sonnek


The research question addressed in this Capstone is: What is the effect on reading comprehension when using talk prompts with second grade students in book clubs? The action research that was conducted involved two book clubs that were each made up of four second grade students. One of the groups used talk prompts to enhance the accountable talk in book clubs and the other group had a book club discussion without the use of talk prompts. Both groups took a pretest before the book club discussion and a posttest after the book club discussion. The data revealed that when second grade students used talk prompts in book clubs, they were able to engage in deep conversations with their peers about text and there was an increase in their comprehension proficiency.

Research Methodology

Action Research


Achievement, Reading

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