Spring 5-13-2016



Degree Name


Primary Advisor/Dissertation Chair

Shelley Orr

Secondary Advisor/Reader One

Allison Wood

Peer-Reviewer/Reader Two

Erica Li


The research question addressed in this study was, How do English Language (EL) teachers implement the most effective instructional reading setting for their students? As the percentage of English Learners is consistently increasing in the United States, the question in most schools is what reading setting is best for their instruction. This study focuses on both sheltered instruction (pull-out model) and coteaching instruction (push-in model) as common options for reading instruction. The author examines a school with a high English Learner population and their successes and challenges with several reading setting models. As a mixed-methods study, several types of data was collected. Quantitative reading data in connection to several reading settings is examined and qualitative data from teachers and staff is analyzed from surveys. The author searches for success and challenges present in both reading settings in order to help English Language teachers implement the best setting for their students.

Research Methodology

Action Research, Program Evaluation


ESL/ ELLs, Reading

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Education Commons