Spring 5-11-2016



Degree Name


Primary Advisor/Dissertation Chair

James Brickwedde

Secondary Advisor/Reader One

Michael Wallus

Peer-Reviewer/Reader Two

Elizabeth Gillaspey


How is teacher mindset reflected in instructional practices within the elementary mathematics classroom? Drawing from Dr. Carol Dweck’s and Dr. Jo Boaler’s mindset research and N. Webb’s and E. Fennema’s studies of teacher instructional practices, this research focuses on how teacher mindset is tied to interactions with elementary math students. This research also draws from Dr. Jo Boaler’s extensive work with mindset research. Teachers send strong messages to students every day about their students’ ability to achieve and grow. Growth mindset messages tell students they are capable, while fixed mindset messages may hinder a student’s growth. In the interest of equitable education for all students, a teacher’s mindset matters. This capstone considers the linkage between teacher mindset and practice. Themes and findings include the idea that mindset is malleable, teaching and learning are lifelong pursuits, and all people are capable.

Research Methodology

Case Study, Interview, Observation, Survey


Mathematics, Reflective Practice, Teachers/ Teaching, Mindset

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Education Commons