Integrating language learning strategies and academic language functions: teaching beginning ELLs to question





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Beginning ELLs must learn to ask questions in English to navigate their content classes and become successful communicators. Action research was used to answer the research question: How can I teach beginning level kindergarten Hmong ELLs to use the academic language function (ALF) of seeking information with the assistance of the language learning strategy (LLS) questioning for clarification? This study also investigated whether teaching interventions can increase ELLs' frequency of use of the above ALF and LLS. Three phases of teaching interventions were used to introduce, model and practice clarification and information-seeking questions through games and literacy activities. Data was gathered from teaching observations through lesson plans and field notes, participant observations in mainstream classes, and student language samples used as pre-assessments, formative assessments, and summative assessments of student learning. Results indicate that teaching interventions can increase beginning ELLs' use of questioning for clarification and seeking information.

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