How parents and caregivers can encourage comprehension and metacognition in emergent readers during storytime





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The question addressed in this project was: how can parents and caregivers encourage comprehension and metacognition in an emergent reader during storytime? It documents one teacher's creation of a parent education curriculum that helps adults foster cognitive and metacognitive development in children from birth. Using the academic literature on reading to emergent readers and development of cognitive function and meaning-making in young children, the author creates and presents the following materials to be used by parents, librarians, day care centers, and early childhood teachers: 1) a pamphlet for distribution to anyone who reads to children 2) a slideshow presentation for in-services, literacy nights, and training 3) a logo to help portray the message that talking while you read is important 4) pages of sample books for talking while reading 5) transcripts of what dynamic reading looks like with emergent readers

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