Implementing a Response to Intervention literacy framework at the middle school level: reflections and observations





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The research question addressed is, how can the Response to Intervention framework be effectively implemented at the middle school level to support struggling readers? The motivating factor for this capstone was the need for systematic intervention instruction in reading at the middle school level. Key influences for this capstone included elementary-level research in the field of Response to Intervention from experts such as Fuchs and Fuchs, Vaughan, and Burns, as well as insight on adolescent motivation from Guthrie and Tovani. The author focuses her study on the key factors of implementing a successful intervention program at the middle level, sharing the actions of her district as well as those from other successful programs both locally and regionally. The author lists the most important factors to consider while implementing RTI at the middle level, citing key elements such as student motivation, flexible scheduling, program fidelity, and research-based instructional methods.

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