Creating physical science curriculum supported by differentiated readings





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Literacy is personal and people vary. High school science classrooms are filled with students with wide ranges of literacy skills and the nature of typical high school scientific instruction does little to differentiate support. Motivation for this capstone came from working with urban physical science learners that have little choice, interest, and success in scientific literacy. The research question addressed is: What does an urban public physical science unit supported by a text set look like? The curriculum is based on St. Paul science standards and uses Wiggin's and McTighe's Understanding by Design unit plan template. Text selection is based on, type of text in relation to the content topic, relevancy, and readability. Texts that are relevant, readable and well connected to content standards should support student reading motivation, comprehension and the acquisition of literacy skills. Included in this project is a Chemical Bonding unit supported by a text set.

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