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Building background knowledge through interactive read-alouds to promote engagement in an intermediate classroom





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The research question addressed in the project was, how can interactive read-alouds build background knowledge to promote engagement in an intermediate classroom? The capstone project provides supporting research about the importance of interactive read-alouds, the value of building background knowledge, and practical information related to engagement. The author then used the research to guide the creation of an interactive read-aloud unit to build background preceding a 5th grade unit on the American Revolution. The unit includes an initial and post needs assessment survey to gather students' background knowledge on a topic and later assess the built background knowledge, an attitude scale which requests feedback from students concerning the helpfulness of the interactive read-alouds, 10 detailed interactive read-aloud lesson plans, and an annotated bibliography of the chosen interactive read-aloud books. After the creation of the unit, the author analyzes the curriculum writing process and the project as a whole.

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