The effects of interactive writing on second grade ELLs' learning of science vocabulary





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This study examined the effectiveness of using interactive writing to develop second grade English language learners' (ELLs') science vocabulary in a suburban second-grade ESL classroom. Key influences included peers, former and current students, administration and Literacy Collaborative training which draws off of the work of Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell. Six second grade ELLs, five whose home language was Spanish and one whose home language was Lao participated in the eight week study. This Classroom Action Research (CAR) study consisted of two second grade science units. Scores from a pre-test and two post-tests were used to determine gains in vocabulary knowledge. A reflective teaching journal was also used to provide information on student performance and engagement in learning. The results of this study suggest that interactive writing may be beneficial in helping students develop science vocabulary. Findings also indicated improvements in the students' communication and critical thinking skills.

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