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This is a study of metaphonological ability in low-literate adult Somali English Language Learners (ELLs). It asks the questions: To what extent are non-literate Somali adult English language learners able to identify and manipulate word-initial phonemes and syllables? To what extent do they identify rhyme, especially when juxtaposed with semantically-related content? Will they perform differently on a phonological fluency task than on a semantic fluency task? Studies with low-literate adult ELLs by Elaine Tarone and Martha Bigelow, as well as studies produced by the Low-Educated Second Language and Literacy Acquisition [LESLLA] forum were the biggest influences on this study. The study is a quantitative, one-shot design, involving six female low-literate adult Somali students from an adult ESL program in Minnesota. The only identifiable factor affecting their performance on the metaphonological ability testing was the amount of schooling they received in childhood.