Barriers that non-native speakers of English face in a nursing program





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This capstone explored the perceived barriers that non-native speakers of English (NNSE) face in the nursing program from the perspectives of 4 case study students and 2 nursing instructors. As the U.S. becomes more diverse, the need for NNSE nurses has increased however, nursing programs across the country continue to experience high attrition of culturally diverse nursing students, which results in obtaining enough diverse nurses impossible. Yoder (1996) discussed 4 main barriers, (personal, academic, language, and cultural), which prevents NNSE to succeed in nursing programs. My findings included: the case study students exhibited warning signs of not succeeding before entering the nursing program and the nursing instructors' perceived barriers to success for NNSE in the nursing program were different from that of the case study student. These differences in perceptions indicate communication issues between nursing instructors and the case study students concerning academic issues and concerns.

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