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This action research investigated the effectiveness of two modifications, pocket chart activity and recast, in teaching an L1-L2 contrasted grammar feature in the Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling (TPRS) method. This study examined how a pocket chart activity and recast could benefit and foster students' grammar learning even more than a prescribed grammar teaching strategy, the pop-up grammar instruction alone does. This action research was conduced with thirteen eighth-grade students who had been taught Japanese mainly through TPRS and the communicative approach since they were in seventh grade. Data collection took place over a four-week period. Picture description tasks were administered throughout the study period including a pre-task. Three interviews were conducted. One lesson per cycle was video taped and daily journaling was done during the data collection period. This study revealed the benefit of utilizing two modifications in the TPRS method. The researcher learned that explicit and implicit approaches need to be balanced.