Fall 12-15-2015



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Primary Advisor/Dissertation Chair

Eric Nelson

Secondary Advisor/Reader One

Anne DeMuth

Peer-Reviewer/Reader Two

Adam Talbot


In this study the author explores the internal and personal aspects of his own learning of the Korean language through the qualitative perspective of a language learning diary. Language fossilization is brought into focus as the author resumes learning the language after a three year break and attempts to push past his perceived plateau. Fossilization is a foundational concept in the field of adult Second Language Acquisition (SLA), yet seemingly none have covered this issue using the diary study design and the unique, inside perspective that this design offers. The author developed his own study plan and recorded regular introspective diary entries of his experience as an independent learner living within the target culture. A number of factors potentially contributing to the author's language plateau are highlighted and discussed and a concept of "crystallization," is proposed as a possible contributing factor to fossilization.

Research Methodology

Case Study, Diary Study


ESL/ ELLs, Foreign Language, Second Language Acquisition / Fossilization

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