Fall 12-15-2015



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Primary Advisor/Dissertation Chair

Laura Halldin

Secondary Advisor/Reader One

Michele Luke

Peer-Reviewer/Reader Two

Linda Hanson


This capstone addresses the question, “What strategies can be used to increase number sense at the preschool level?”. Current research states that preschoolers need opportunities to learn about numbers and math concepts through a balance of natural play and exploration, intentional teaching, and structured learning activities embedded in their daily routines. Through the process of curriculum design using McTighe and Wiggins’ Understanding By Design framework, the author created a learning plan that includes lessons, resources, and parent/child activities using a variety of instructional strategies to teach number sense at the preschool level. The learning plan includes a sequence of activities using rhythm, music, movement, games, and children’s literature to introduce and reinforce math concepts throughout a child’s daily routines. These lessons and activities are arranged across developmental levels of how children grow in their understanding of number sense.

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Curriculum Development


Curriculum, Early Childhood, Mathematics

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