Fall 12-8-2015



Degree Name


Primary Advisor/Dissertation Chair

Stephanie Reid

Secondary Advisor/Reader One

Sarah Tahtinen-Pacheco

Peer-Reviewer/Reader Two

Alicia Juarez


The research question addressed in this capstone project is, can peer tutoring be used as an effective elementary reading intervention to benefit bilingual learners in Mexico? Key influence for this capstone was the author’s observation of a lack of effective reading interventions in bilingual environments. The study is a qualitative study in which the author implemented a seven-week peer tutoring training with nineteen fifth grade tutors. These peer tutors each worked one on one with a fourth grade student to apply specific reading strategies. The goal of the capstone was to determine whether peer tutors could positively affect student outcomes in reading fluency, reading comprehension and reading disposition. The study results indicate that peer tutoring does have a positive effect on student fluency, reading comprehension and disposition, however in the case of struggling students, additional structure and strategies are needed for the peer tutors to foster student growth.

Research Methodology

Action Research


ESL/ ELLs, Literacy, Reading

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