Mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) in the school setting: improving student recovery in the classroom





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The research question, what can school nurses implement to promote a healthy recovery process for students with mTBI's in the classroom. Until recently concussions, now termed mild traumatic brain injuries (mTBI's) were not always taken seriously or known to affect academic functioning. School nurses are in a pivotal role to educate school staff about academic ramifications that can result after an mTBI. At the same time it is important health services staffs themselves are kept up with best practice standards for the care and management of students. Research using qualitative and quantitative data was used to determine the level of staff knowledge. Both participant groups displayed a need for additional education. Various types of information and teaching sessions were implemented for both participant groups. The results showed both school staff groups gained knowledge and therefore, were more prepared to assist students of mTBI in the classroom.

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