Regulating sensory systems of preschool children with autism





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The research question addressed in this project was how does integrating sensory activities impact the child's ability to participate during daily routines? It documents a teacher's journey in completing case studies with two toddlers that struggle with Sensory Integration Dysfunction also known as Sensory Processing Disorder. The teacher works with the families of the toddlers to integrate sensory activities throughout the child's daily routines and determines how these activities impacted the child's ability to participate in the daily routines. The teacher documents the activities used, how they were implemented and how they affected the child's behaviors. The teacher discovered that the strategies implemented with the toddlers in the case study helped them both to regulate their sensory systems and as a result the children were calmer throughout the day and were able to participate in daily routines throughout their day in a more meaningful way. As a result of working directly with the families the teacher also discovered that learning about the child's sensory behaviors affected the parents understanding of their child and impacted how they interacted with their child.

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