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A vision of Spanish heritage language programs, motivational success factors and their influence among heritage learners





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This research reviews Spanish Language Arts Standards curricula in relation to student motivation and success in a Spanish class for Heritage Learners supporting reacquisition and development of their first language. Educators, specialists, local experts, and Spanish native-speaking students were interviewed to better understand effective motivational and instructional practices. Students were also surveyed. Results indicated that these factors are important success motivators: 1) talking with students about the life value of bilingualism 2) teaching their heritage culture so students learn from a global perspective 3) searching for standards based on Spanish language arts programs outside Minnesota that might useful 4) having strong, positive student relationships which will motivate them to achieve their goals. This study will aid Spanish teachers to better understand the causes and consequences of low academic development of Hispanic students in Spanish classes and why native speakers require a special program designed to motivate them and strengthen their native language skills.

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