What interventions can prepare at-risk African-American students for success in higher education





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This qualitative study used a phenomenological research design to seek interventions that will adequately prepare at-risk African-American students for success. The data from the two interviews set the research design as each participant shares their lived experiences. By video recording each interview, this helped to validate the data provided from each interview participant. Significant methods used in this research study were derived from Creswell (2009). Results in this study suggest this methodology produces credible data when utilizing lived experiences and current research in a research study. Throughout this study it was imperative to answer this research question, because I plan on working with at-risk African-American students within both secondary and post-secondary level throughout my career. I would like this research to be used as a future guide for staff and faculty at both the secondary and post-secondary level. This research should open doors of higher education to many at-risk African-Americans.

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